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  1. CREATE A WORKOUT ROUTINE: If you have a desk job then you’re probably spending most of your time sitting down. Since the body has evolved over millennia from humans doing physical labor to spending most of the day sitting, it is important that you create a workout routine that includes some kind of flexibility program along with strength and mobility. Because when the body sits all day, it kind of gets stuck in that shape so it’s important to do exercises that include range of motion. For example: a TRX class will include range of motion and strength. A yoga or pilates springboard class will include flexibility and stabilization. 

  2. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: How many days can you realistically work out each week? Try to commit to a certain amount of days per week. We suggest AT LEAST 2 days per week. If that sounds doable after looking at your calendar then make it 3x. If you have a history of incorporating your workout schedule with your work and social calendar and feel comfortable committing to more than 3 days a week, then you can start with 4 or 5 days a week. There should always be at least one day of rest per week. However, the body likes movement so you can also try considering an off day as going for a moderate hike. The main thing is: you don’t want to commit to more than you can realistically manage SO THAT YOU STICK WITH IT.

  3. SCHEDULE IT: On Sunday morning or afternoon take a look at your upcoming week and BLOCK OFF that time in your calendar to workout. Whether its a class, a run or the gym - put it into that week’s schedule maybe with a fun color. You can create a li’l code name for it or consider it time for self-care. Because it is. It’s you taking the time to be a healthy you. And the benefits mentally and physically are obviously worth it. And you remember that value each time you keep to a consistent workout schedule. Am I right or am I right?

  4. PRIORITIZE IT: Make sure you commit to that allocation of your time. Some of the biggest obstacles in achieving success is prioritizing what you want to happen when. If something will interfere with your time slot, consider the appointment to workout as if it costs the amount of a personal training session $100/hr. It would be quite hard to not show up to that workout. Because you’re worth it. And your time is worth it. And your health is worth that workout. 

  5. RESCHEDULE IT: If you have to miss that day’s workout, plan to exercise in some way on another day to make up for the missed day. Or do an at-home workout.

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