• Megan Sullivan

Food Matters

The seasons are changing... 🌱🥬🥦🥕 Is your diet changing with them? There are many benefits to buying and eating with the season 👇 We've listed some below but head to FoodMatters.com to check out the epic infographic they have put together to hep guide you through the seasons!

🍎 Flavor: When produce is grown in the right season, its allowed time to fully ripen naturally, creating optimal and real flavor.

🥑 Nutrition: Seasonally grown produce means it is getting the right amount of sun and growing in it's best conditions, resulting in more nutrients.

🌏 Environmental: Seasonal produce is less likely to need too much human assistance, which can result in less pesticide use, plus eating more locally means less food mileage.

💲 Economical: Eating seasonally produced food is likely to be cheaper. AS there is an abundance of what's in season, there is likely to be cheaper prices in the supermarket and at the markets.

This snapshot has us feeling inspired to stock our fridge with all of the good things this week! 📷 @jessiemaysnyder

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