• Megan Sullivan

Hot Yoga is Conjurning

So I have made it my Sunday ritual to do a morning Hot Yoga class. A new studio has opened locally and it is truly a magical place.

This particular studio has a philosophy is to promote and nurture the cultivation of healthy bodies and minds through yoga and meditation and as a busy, working mom this is so important. We talk a lot about self care but actually putting it into practice takes time.

Using age old modalities and state-of-the art infrared technology, it is believed that there are many long term health benefits. I believe in the beneficial effects of tranquility, beauty and serenity embodied by practicing yoga.

Having the infared heat is key, temperature hoovers around 100 degrees and creates the best sweat.


  • You tend to burn more calories due to an increased heart rate and metabolism.

  • The blood flow to your arms and legs is increased, delivering more oxygenated blood to the muscles.

  • Increases muscle tone and

  • Stretching leads to flexibility which is great for a day when you want a low impact workout

  • Allows for a greater range of motion

  • True stress reliever

  • Sweat out the toxins

  • Exercising in a hot environment improves your immune system and elevates the body's regenerative capacity

  • Increases lung capacity through breathing

Sunday Yoga practice at The Studio Greenwich

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