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While Jaqueline Lopez was living in Mexico, she was intrigued by the textiles she saw in Oaxaca and wanted to learn more. She wanted to take those traditional techniques and create modern, but still feminine, beachwear. Jaqueline saw the looms the artisans were using to create their textiles, and saw an opportunity to work with them and showcase their work in her designs.

Since 2016, Jaqueline has been working with the same family of weavers who are mostly women. Two in particular, Lidia and Sara, showed her the techniques passed down through their families, and the connection they have to their work. Her interaction with these women was the beginning of a partnership that continues through to today and continues to grow. They’ve increased their two looms to five and added more family members to their group of weavers. Jaqueline is constantly inspired by their work, but she inspires them as well, to give their traditional designs a modern edge.

Every Jaline resortwear piece is handwoven on their pedal looms in Oaxaca, and depending on the design, the rhythm of the artisan’s feet has to be precisely in sync with their hands. Each piece can take up to two to three weeks to complete, and the finished textiles showcase a macramé finish that has clearly taken time and great care to complete. The pieces are finished in Jaline’s New York studio with that same level of care and transparency.

"Our mission is to inspire the consumer to value the process and learn about the talented artisans who hand weave our textiles in Oaxaca, Mexico. From sustainability standards to environmentally conscious processes, we invest in supporting this traditional craftsmanship by creating modern silhouettes. Recognizing the importance of quality over quantity and the value of the slower process of life.



Jaline was founded with a view to maintain the Oaxacan hand weaving technique, and creating a small atelier of women artisans who have mastered it. Each of them hand weaves the textiles, and they are then cut and sewn in a small factory in New York City. Jaline is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieving gender equality. The artisans work in a home-based atelier, and paid fair wages.


Jaline does not use any animal-based materials or textiles in the production of their clothing, and they are PVC-free. All of their 100% cotton-yarn is sourced locally in Oaxaca.


Throughout the supply chain, Jaline monitors the processes and knows who is involved every step of the way. Jaqueline spends time with each of her suppliers, and has relationships with most of them. Jaline adheres to UN Sustainable Goal 12, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.


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