• Megan Sullivan

My Quick and Easy Morning Routine

Quarantine has been tough in many ways but one thing it has done for me personally is reiterate how important self care is and how to incorporate it in my day.

My Morning Beauty Routine

I try to make it quick and easy! I have always had problematic skin so I am very careful of the products I use (I try to use clean and organic whenever possible). I've been so fortunate that my dermatologist has been open for tele-appointments throughout Covid-19 and came to the rescue with a new morning routine.


1. Alastin Gentle Cleanser Gentle– this is a great cleanser to gently clean the skin without stripping any moisture. Its unique blend of moisturizers and vitamins clean, soothe and soften the skin without upsetting skin's delicate moisture balance. I alternate between this and the PCA Pigment Bar - a cleansing bar formulated to provide an even skin tone on the face and body to calm skin and promotes an even skin tone – it’s great at addressing areas of hyperpigmentation. 

2. BioDerm PURE Antioxidant Serum – This is the skincare line of Modern Dermatology - and I love! They worked hard to curate this high potency blend of super antioxidants – Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, Phloretin, and Peptides – to provide broad spectrum protection from environmental toxins. It’s important to apply this to clean skin so it can be absorbed.

3. Alastin Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer - This is a hydrating moisturizer that contains exclusive moisture building ingredients, powerful antioxidants and skin soothing phyto-nutrients that help promote and maintain the barrier function of the skin. Goes on so smootlhy!

4. Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment - Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. Tip: apply with your ring finger, this will prevent you from tapping or tugging too hard on the delicate skin around your eye.

5. ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica SPF 50+- Broad Spectrum sunscreen with DNA Repairsomes™ and antioxidants that prevents actinic damage. Very high UVB and UVA protection helps prevent sunburn. High SPF gives more sunburn protection.

My Morning Eating Routine

I try to practice time restricted eating. Generally (If I do not go out the night before I am finished eating by 4pm. So usually my coffee is at 8am which is an 18 hour fast). I will do more on why I try to practice time restricted eating and intermittent fasting, but I really do feel much better when I do. I sleep better and have less brain fog!

- Wake up and finish drink a glass of water.

- Black Coffee (Splash of Almond Milk)

- Workout, which is usually Melissa Wood Health, Sculpt Society, Studio House Pilates and a combination of the Peleton or Myx Bike with a run or jog.

- Breakfast around 11am, I try to do either a little bit of coconut yogurt and fresh berries or scrambled eggs with veggies.

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