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Gut health and top health trends for 2020

A mind-blowing conversation with health optimisation maven, Ben Greenfield & Dr. Mark Hyman on how to get the best sleep, blue light, optimising gut health and the top health trends for 2020. We cover Ben’s own health challenges, optimising sleep, tackling jet lag, optimising gut health, deuterium depletion, red light therapy, grounding, cold thermogenesis, intermittent fasting, electromagnetic fields, peptide therapy and so much more.

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Overnight Cauliflower "Oats"

Everyone loves Oatmeal but like many others I don't love putting those types of carbs in my body first thing in the morning. In addition, I have a slight food sensitivity to Oats and it bothers my stomach. Time to try my healthy alternative to the traditional higher in carbohydrate oatmeal.

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What is intuitive eating? From the Clean 7

Ever heard of intuitive eating and wanted to try it out? Maybe the thought of it has piqued your interest but the how-to really puzzles you. With diet-culture influencing both our food choices and the way we view our bodies on a daily basis, intuitive eating offers us a big “deep breath” if we let it.

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#inmomhealth 10 minute workout

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Guided Solo Practices for Increasing Pleasure

Sometimes sex education starts with yourself, as pleasure teacher Isabella Frappier points out in the third episode of The goop Lab on Netflix: “The Pleasure Is Ours.” Frappier, who is based in Los Angeles, leads workshops and one-on-ones to help people build intimacy and increase sexual pleasure. And pleasure, she says, starts within. When people come to her with questions about their sex lives, she helps them explore their own sensuality through guided practices and uses her own intuitive wisdom to help people discover what satisfies them.

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7 Ways to  Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem from Wellynest on The Local Moms Network

Building your child’s self-esteem is not about making them better, it’s about cultivating who they truly are and honoring the authentic growth and expression of their unique self. Often this can get colored with what parents expect from their children, or how they want them to be, but true self-worth comes from showing your child you love them no matter what they do and your love for them is based on who they are and not what they do. Here are seven ways to build their self-esteem:

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24 Recipes for people who hate doing dishes!

Whether you like cooking, love it or are indifferent to the task, most of us can agree that washing a lot of pots and pans after dinner is a drag. Wouldn’t it instead be easier if there was really only one? One skillet or one Dutch oven, one sheet pan, one pot? Wouldn’t that be great?

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  1. Megan is a busy mom of three young boys ages five and under- building a business and trying to practice self care :-)

  2. Name: Megan Sullivan

  3. Occupation: Co-Founder of The Local Moms Network

  4. Location: New York

  5. Can't Live Without: A bottle of water at all times


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The Best Luxury Caribbean Hotels For Families - From Glimpse Guides

Luxe Caribbean getaways don’t have to be a thing of the past once kids come along. Top tier resorts know well that one of the most indulgent services they can offer is a menu of enticing activities for the pint size set so mom & dad can sneak away to the spa. Ranging from hourly excursions to full-day camps, we’ve rounded up family-friendly offerings at top resorts around the Caribbean (plus options to keep you busy, too)

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