• Megan Sullivan

Why I have Intentions not Resolutions

Simply put, an intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be .

2019 was a great year. I am grateful for the ups, the downs the wins and the losses. As I reflect on some personal things that I went through as a partner, friend, wife, mother the common thread is how grateful I am to have all these experiences. Every year I write down goals, intentions or resolutions for the upcoming year and I often refer back to them. This practice allows me to stay on a healthy continuum.

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, plan for who you want to be in the future and to recognize a pathway forward.

2020 Intentions

  1. Practice more Gratitude

  2. Mindful Eating

  3. Saying No when it does not feel right

  4. Wellness as a priority - including self care

  5. Practice Conscious Parenting

  6. Listen More

  7. Lose the Negativity

  8. Exercise Self Love

  9. Spend more time with the people I love

  10. Eat Food that makes my body feel good

  11. Be Present in my surroundings

  12. Spend more time outdoors

  13. More Music and less Noise/TV

  14. More Flexibility and less rigidity

  15. Drink more water

  16. Practice daily meditation

  17. Be a joyful mom

  18. Try to feel peaceful, grounded and centered by the end of each day

  19. Read more books

  20. Journal More

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